One of the most alluring words in the world of fragrance, Oud is a precious material extracted from Agarwood which is obtained from the Aquilaria tree. Experience luxury oud oils, chips (agarwood), attars and niche perfumes. We offer you premium wild and organic oils as well legendary handmade parfums and. Navigate the world of Arabian Oud and discover authentically crafted luxury fragrances, oils, incense and hair scents since Browse the collection. Eau de Parfum Leather Oud ml. The unique Leather Oud Eau de Parfum has an intense, lush, exotic, and enveloping personality composed of Middle Eastern oud. Meet the new era of oud perfumes · Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud · Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud · Laboratorio Olfattivo ExpLOud Eau de Parfum.

So the major difference in fragrances of oudh oil and synthetic oudh can be distinguished easily. Oudh smells heavenly, woody and balsamic and surrounds a warm. Oud Perfume Made in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and launched in year of Expo Free delivery in UAE and Gulf. There are plenty of gorgeous ones. Shagaf from Swiss Arabian is a really great gourmand Oud and very affordable. Scherzo from Miller Harris is. A set of 4 luxurious Oud perfumes, experience the strength of Oud, the richness of Oud GOLD, the serenity of White Oud and the mysteriousness of Oud DARK. Oud - Fragrances Page · LAYTON EXCLUSIF · OUR SERVICES · CUSTOMER SERVICE · COMPLIMENTARY DELIVERY · COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLES · SECURE PAYMENT · Newsletter · MY. Experience Oud Wood Eau de Parfum, a modern masterpiece crafted with rare oud wood notes, rosewood, cardamom and amber. Oud fragrances have a rich, deep, and woody character with a complex blend of notes, including earthy, balsamic, and smoky undertones. Oud has a strong and long. The Oud Store is your source for world renowned exotic and intoxicating oud fragrances. We import directly from highly respected manufacturers across the. THE HOUSE OF OUD fragrances blend together the tradition and the know-how of Oud distillation, with a particular process of infusion and maceration. All the. Each spray vial has enough fragrance to use multiple times to help you decide on which full size fragrances you want to purchase. Who is this for? EVERYONE! The.

A tribute to traditional Arab oud perfumery, the Alexandria III presents a mesmerizing journey across the Orient. The rarest Laotian oud meets the heady. Breathe in the unique exotic fragrances of the Arabian Oud. Whether you are looking for an oriental, floral, fresh or woody fragrance, our range will delight. Discover the perfect scent for you with the best oud women's perfume from Parfums De France. Our selection includes a wide range of. Oud perfume oil, spray & cologne online at Abdul Samad Al Qurashi in the USA. Browse through the wide range of luxury oud perfumes by ASQ. Explore Now! Royal Oud is an imposing woody oriental fragrance for a lady or gentleman of spiritual refinement and assured elegance. Oud perfume, like most modern perfumes, seek to take inspiration from studies of oils that could never be mass produced (for regulatory, environmental, artistic. Oud is a mysterious scent, with a woody aroma reminiscent of resin and incense. Its notes are a bit hard to describe. Although it's definitely not for the faint. This perfume is based on the rich smell of oud wood. The Oud Wonder fragrance has an indescribable, exotic perfume. It perfectly intertwines the most diverse. Shop Oud Wood by TOM FORD at Sephora. This earthy fragrance is composed of smoky, woody notes.

LOUIS VUITTON Official USA Website - Discover our latest Perfumes's Oud Perfumes collection, exclusively on and in Louis Vuitton Stores. The Bella Vita Luxury Honey Oud Luxury Perfume is a fruity and floral fragrance with delightful honey, bergamot, Rose, Oud, and Vanilla notes. This is fragrance that has changed my life! I get questions and compliments daily on what I'm wearing and how good I smell. It has become my signature scent and. From the fresh notes of an Amalfi citrus garden to the warm floral fragrances of the Middle East, our evocative range of Eau de Parfums are masterfully. ORIGINAL OUD | Eau de parfum This perfume is built around wood leather and presents itself as a fantasy of oud wood" - tells us master perfumer Alberto.

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