How can we help you? Call GO-FEDEX or find answers, information, and resources for all your shipping needs. E-mail, chat, or call our customer support. FedEx provides a clear claim process for stolen packages. As such, if you placed an order and shipped any items through FedEx, you can easily claim the lost. Track your package and check if you've received a If the issue persists, click 'Manage Delivery' on the tracking page and select 'Report Missing Package'. In the rare event that FedEx does not reimburse you for a lost package, you may have legal options available. You can consult with an attorney to seek legal. Another common reason why FedEx packages go missing is due to theft. Unfortunately, there are instances where packages are stolen from porches or mailboxes.

If you believe that your package was not delivered to you as indicated and you have evidence to support your claim, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. FedEx considers a package lost if it hasn't been delivered within five business days for domestic shipments and four weeks for international shipments. This. If your package's tracking status says it was delivered, but your recipient can't find it, log in to your FedEx account, go to our tracking page, and follow. Whenever you ship any package using FedEx, you get a tracking number that contains all numbers and no letters. This FedEx tracker helps in finding missing or. Submit the query "My package says its delivered but it's not here" in the 'Your Virtual Support Assistant' box on the top center of the contact us page. If you still can't find your package, please visit Customer Support and submit the query ""My package says it's delivered, but it's not here"" in the 'Your. Select Manage Delivery, then Report Missing Package. (If you aren't logged in to a FedEx account, you'll be asked to enter the original delivery address of your. It's only likely that they would deny the claim if the package went missing after the driver completed delivery. They do leave packages unattended at the. Claims for damaged or missing contents must be filed no later than 60 calendar days from the shipment date for U.S. packages and 21 calendar days from the. Easy Guide for Missing FedEx Package · Gather all records of purchase including · File a claim · Upload supporting documents (not required for.

After 48 hours of a confirmed missing delivery, call FedEx as soon as possible at and tell them you need a "Trace." The dedicated agent will follow. File your claim for damaged or missing contents no later than 60 calendar days from the shipment date for U.S. packages and 21 calendar days from the shipment. The quickest way to reach a person at FedEx is to call and say “returning a call”. That will get you straight to a human being who. If your package is not delivered to you by the following day, please contact FedEx directly to get more information. Was this article helpful? Yes. No. Do you have a FedEx package missing? Here's how to report a stolen package — and what to do about package theft in the future. If FedEx has lost the package and the seller has filed an insurance claim with them. Message the seller and ask them for the claim number. The seller is still. Packages not picked up within 7 days will be returned to the nearest FedEx facility or shipper. Refer to your door tag for the pickup location and availability. You can file a claim online for a FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, or FedEx Freight® shipment that's damaged, lost, or missing contents. Re: Buyer claims her Fedex package was lost but the tracking shows it has been delivered? Furthermore, if Fedex delivered it to the wrong house, THEY should.

We will automatically detect lost or damaged parcels and file claims. Additionally, you can also report parcels as lost or damaged on our dashboard to start. To report a missing package that is indicated as 'delivered', simply track your package, select the 'Manage Delivery' option and then select the 'Report. If you suspect that a package is lost, tell the customer to wait for a maximum of seven days after the date of the expected delivery. Often packages turn up. What if My FedEx Package Is Damaged or Some Contents Are Missing? · Go to the official FedEx website · Pick the Support tab and click on File a Claim · Choose. Lost package from fedex Simply open a 'return' for 'not received' if it is at least 1 day past the last estimated delivery date. Not delivered is a seller.

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